2019 The  September Exhibition 

Saturday 21, Sunday 22   and the following weekend  Saturday 28, Sunday 29 

Hours  12:30  to 4:30     For other times just phone 613-549-4044

New oil paintings , plus new prints and small watercolours and the 2020 Keirstead Calendar

Everyone welcome

4 Aragon Rd. Kingston  Ontario  613-549-4044

My art has been popular since the 1970's. My technique of using mostly knives, not brushes , allows me to create sharp bold works in oil paint with sculpted texture and more depth.

Come to Kingston and meet the artist.. 



We look forward to seeing you, only 10 min from the 401 exit at Monteral Street (head north).  Everyone Welcome.  Most weekdays afternoons we can be home if you phone ahead 613-549-4044.

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